Everything you Need to Know About: Platinum Heritage Dubai 

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai and you want to do a desert safari, Platinum Heritage Dubai provides the ultimate experience. The most awarded safari in Dubai, I absolutely loved what Platinum Heritage had to offer and it’s one of my most memorable trips. 

Here’s everything you need to know about what to expect on the day, how to choose the right safari experience for you and my tips to get the most out of your trip…

Why Platinum Heritage?

Platinum Heritage is well known for the huge range of safari experiences that it offers. From simple safaris on vintage Land Rovers, to luxury packages including fine dining experiences and entertainment, there’s something to suit everyone. In addition to providing a five star experience, Platinum Heritage is also heavily invested in promoting sustainable travel, as well as working to protect the local environment, culture and heritage. 

Awarded the ‘World Travel Award for the Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari Company’ six years in a row, it has also been awarded by TripAdvisor as one of the top 10% of businesses worldwide from 2012-21.

What to Expect…

Once you arrive to start your safari, you will receive a traditional headscarf to be worn throughout the trip. You’ll then board an authentic vintage or luxury Land Rover, depending on which package you went for. The 60-minute nature safari takes you all across the desert in Dubai, where your tour will be led by a conservation guide. You’ll learn so much about Arabic culture, as well as the desert and the wildlife that lives there. 

We spotted several animals such as the Arabian oryx and a sand fish, a creature I’d never heard of before. They dive deep into the sand to evade predators and shine in the sun, hence the name.

At the end of our Safari, we experienced a Falcon show at sunset. Here I  learnt a lot about the history of the falcon. The falcon is the national bird of the United Arab Emirates and is a symbol of force and courage, recognizing the importance of falconry in the region’s tradition and culture. But it is not native to the region. The Bedouin would catch the birds as they migrated through and use them to hunt during the winter, release them back into the wild and repeat the process the following year.

We ended our experience at an authentic Bedouin camp, which was very special. The camp was torch lit and the food was delicious. We were welcomed with a warm traditional drink, and there’s camel rides and shisha on offer too. We had a four-course meal – my favourite was the chicken tagine, and the traditional performances were also amazing to watch. This part of the tour really allows you to experience the local culture. All of this was included in our tour – some of the experiences are Safari only, and others including dining options, from breakfast to a six course meal, or an evening with a private chef. 


The Platinum Heritage tours began out of a mission to protect the local environment, culture and heritage. Sustainability plays a key part in Platinum Heritage, and its mission has an influence on every aspect of the company. 

From the Bedouin camp being the only one to run completely on solar power, to donating over 1 million dirhams to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Platinum Heritage runs as sustainably as possible. 

Serving authentic food and entertainment, they also avoid dune bashing and take other necessary steps to help preserve and support the environment and wildlife, taking great care to avoid causing any disruption or negatively impacting the desert. Finally, they also offer free fours to local charities and schools. 

My tips…

For me, a desert safari was on my bucket list for Dubai, and I knew I wanted to go with Platinum Heritage because of the unique way in which they run their tours. I loved the vintage land rover, as it made for an authentic experience, rather than the luxury land rover. 

If you’re looking for a tour that will leave you with a better understanding of the local culture and one that will allow you to see the wildlife up close, but in a way that doesn’t disturb them in their natural habitat, then Platinum Heritage is a great option. 

If you’re able to, go for one of the packages that includes dining, as this was a huge part of the experience and I’m so glad we opted to include this.

Get involved and ask any questions you have. Our tour guide was so lovely, as was everyone that worked at the camp. Nothing was too much trouble and everyone encouraged us to be inquisitive and get involved. 

The Platinum Heritage desert safari is up there with my most-loved experiences. It’s unforgettable and I would highly recommend a tour if you are visiting Dubai soon. 

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