8 Amazing Things to do in Dubai 

Dubai is one of my all time favourite places to visit, especially as it offers an opportunity to get some winter sun. It’s one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and once you’ve been, you’ll find yourself being drawn back time and time again. During a recent trip, I saw the very best that Dubai has to offer. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for an upcoming trip to Dubai, here are eight amazing things to do on your trip…

1. Sky Views Observatory

With amazing views, a glass slide and the highest walk you’ll probably ever do, the Sky Views Observatory is a must-visit. A great place to refuel too, you can sit down to lunch in the week or afternoon tea while taking in the breathtaking views. 

The slide and walk are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The slide is made from glass and wraps around the observatory tower towards the top, providing great views of the city in a fun and unique way. While the edge walk involves walking around the outdoor ledge of the top of the main tower, 219.5m above the ground. As you’re wearing a harness on the walk, you can even swing out a little beyond the building’s edge. 

2. The Green Planet 

Located in the City Walk area of Dubai, The Green Planet is an impressive biodome with more than 3,000 plants and animals. The tropical indoor rainforest is the main attraction, but you can extend your visit by doing one or more of the up-close animal encounters (I loved the sloths and sugar gliders!), and you can even swim with Piranhas. 

3. Platinum Heritage Desert Safari

A truly iconic desert safari, the Platinum Heritage experience is the most awarded safari in Dubai. Allowing you to explore beyond the city, you can head to the desert day or night, witnessing amazing landscapes, animals and learning about Dubai’s heritage. There’s also the option to add on a fine dining experience and entertainment. 

4. Dubai Frame 

Set in Zabeel Park, the Dubai Frame is a three part experience. The observatory, museum and monument are all well worth seeing in their own right. Called the ‘Frame’ because the building literally frames striking views of both the old and new Dubai, and was designed and built to celebrate the story of Dubai. The museum takes you through the history of the city, while the observatory offers amazing views and glass floors. 

5. La Perle 

Thought to be the most popular show in Dubai and world renowned, La Perle is a truly incredible experience. Combining artistic performance, technology and imagery, the show is a must see. Located in the heart of Dubai at Al Habtoor City, the show draws inspiration from the city’s rich culture, brought to life with acrobatics, stunts, water and lighting. 

6. Global Village 

Global Village is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before. Inspired by 90 different cultures from around the world, it feels as if it has almost endless shopping and dining options, as well as shows and events, a fair with over 170 rides. You could get lost in Global Village and it’s well worth taking a day to spend here if you can. 

7. Play DXB 

This is the world’s biggest indoor virtual reality zone. Previously known as VR Park, the new and updated Play DXB is in Dubai Mall. From old school games to VR experiences, a trampoline park and inflatable playground, this is well worth a visit for a bit of fun, and there’s something for everyone to get stuck into. 

8. Motiongate Dubai 

A Hollywood inspired theme park, Motiongate Dubai is split up into four zones – DreamWorks, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate and the Smurfs. With loads of rides to choose from including roller coasters and water rides, there’s also live shows and motion stimulators too. What’s not to love! 

I’d very much recommend a trip to Dubai. To get the most out of this amazing city, five days to a week would be just about right. The best time of year to visit (in my opinion) is between November and March, as the temperature is lovely, but you’ll avoid the very hot summer months. If you do decide to visit in the summer though, everywhere has air con, making it more comfortable and enjoyable than you might expect. 

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